Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gayle King

Gayle without Oprah?!  Yes she was...I found this beautiful sister exiting the Pepsi Center after Michelle Obama's address and if you think that her warm and approachable personality is a masquerade for T.V., think again.  
I just wanted to get a pic of her for my blog and she welcomed me to join the photo, which I rarely do.   She took photos with about 3-4 other women who  noticed her too. Oh and she let us all know that Oprah will definitely be in the house on Thursday.  
Thank you Gayle ... my mother and sister are big fans.


Unknown said...

Did you get a chance to ask her any questions and/or get any thoughts about this historic event?

Charlene Muhammad said...

Greetings...no I didn't. As gracious as she was, the activities were beyond over and she was already very exhausted. I might have but once I stopped her a flock drew...how are you and babies by the way?

Barbara said...

The love, sincerity, honor, dedication and determination was very prevalent in the voice of Michelle Obama! I felt her words and connected with the journey of life she spoke of as a daughter, sister, mother and wife who believes in her husband. Family and paving the way is just as important today as it was when my grandparents were raising my parents. Striving for YOUR American Dream! I am truly honored to be living in the era of this historical event. Great job Charlene your descriptive words made me feel like I was actually there.

Barbara Stafford

Charlene Muhammad said...

Greetings Barbara! I'm glad you had that feeling because that's exactly what I'm trying to convey. Yes we can watch it from our living rooms and have watch parties like my mother told me she's hosting tonight in Houston, Texas for my family, and to be here to not only feel, but to be a tiny part, element, that helps to create the entire universal energy of the time is something that just has to come through. You have plenty of company regarding your thoughts about Mrs. Obama. Yesterday while entering an elevator, there were two Caucasian women talking and one of them said she had been browsing the major network news channels after Mrs. Obama's address and she immediately asked herself, "Were we watching the same thing?" Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to bringing more to you. The Final Call team moved out very early to ensure that we cleared security checkpoints and got stationed so we can be your eyes and ears for todays events, which some are calling B Day.....not for Beyonce, but Barack. Some other references we've seen were included a button that read "Barackintheday."

Sis Melanie. I got it for you. I met up with Gayle King again at a breakfast tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It commemorated the 45th Anniversary of the March on Washington...give me a minute to post her audio.

Peace and love everyone!

Sis Charlene

khairah19 said...

interview mr. frankie beverly and let me know. :)

keep up the good work!!