Friday, August 22, 2008

In our lifetime...

As Salaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, which is designed to help expand coverage of the historic event we are all about to witness.  I am grateful to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Final Call Publisher, and our Editor-In-Chief, Abdul Arif Muhammad, for the privilege and awesome task of recording this piece of history for our people and all people who crave news and information from an uncut, unfiltered perspective.

What do you want to hear...see...experience.  Share your thoughts.

Stay with me but don't cheat as well with my Brother and Sister colleagues, Ashahed Muhammad (Assistant Editor), Askia Muhammad (Senior Correspondent) and Nisa Islam Muhammad (Senior Staff Writer).

May Allah be pleased with our efforts.

Peace and Blessings,
Sis Charlene


HUGgy bear, GOD's Leading Lady said...


I PRAY that ALMIGHTY GOD blesses this site SPIRITUALLY, according to the WILL of GOD ALMIGHTY.

Unknown said...

This great! I look forward to reading the commentary of the best news staff on the planet! The Final Call is number one!

HUGgy bear, GOD's Leading Lady said...


"What do you want to see...hear...? Share your thoughts."

I would like to see this Presidential Election discussed from a SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE since I see it as an episode in the greatest SPIRITUAL DRAMA of all times. Here is a question: What TIME is it? Is it TIME for 'Moses' to OCCUPY old PHAROAH's seat, or is it TIME for The PEOPLE Of GOD ALMIGHTY to "COME OUT" of old 'EGYPT' and 'BABYLON'?

To make it simple for those who are not spiritually minded, Please allow me to state it this way: Is it TIME for the 'BLACK' man to occupy the seat of the 'WHITE' man in the 'WHITE' house, the seat of WICKEDNESS, or is it TIME for black people to UNITE, return to their CREATOR, and be led into their Promised LAND by THE ANOINTED ONE?

tnjmhmmd said...

All Praise is Due to Allah! This is great that the Final Call will be up close and personal at the convention. This way I and all of our people have a reliable connection to give us valuable insight! I know Allah will continue to bless the Final Call in your endeavors!!!

Unknown said...


I'm awaiting all that you have to offer in terms of interviews, insights, etc.! I'm really excited to be able to have this contact with a source who will offer truth over spin.

Thanks for your service!

Amon Muhammad said...


I am proud of the work you are doing...I will be reading all of your and your colleagues posts.

Anonymous said...

I think this convention is showing the world that change can take place in a peaceful, intelligent, civil manner. Throughout America's history, there has been one race and class of individuals who believe that the only time to accept change is if blood has been shed, and lives and dignity have lost.
It fear and greed which drives these individuals. Can someone say "Tiger Woods or Venus and Serena Williams"? Just look at what happened to these "great institutions" when they let Blacks in. It's never been the same.
With the election of Barack Obama as this nations first Black President, Black men and women all over the United States will no longer have the excuse that someone or something is holding them back. He embodies all that this world has portrayed as shameful, absent father, biracial heritage, poor, welfare recipient, and turned it on it's head! Let's see how many people will be quick to complain about life not treating them fairly and begin to use the God-given talents and intellect they were born with to raise up and make their life matter!

Charlene Muhammad said...

Brother Jesse!!! I see you're moving and shaking as usual...the shooting you wrote about in this week's Final Call extra saddens because I am from Opelousas, Louisiana, which is not more than about 15-20 minutes away from Lafayette. I'm interested in how this turns out. Although the photo stems from a very tragic incident, I appreciate how it captures the intensity of you getting down all that the brother was willing to share and he was most definitely checking your notepad out to see that you got it. Keep pushing and please give the greetings to your lovely wife and daughter.

Sis Charlene