Monday, August 25, 2008

Interviews on the way...

Sis Melanie, thanks for corresponding!  I know...ohhhh I really can't wait until you see the interviews with some of the youth.  One young man was 13-years-old - very articulate and astute.  He attended with his dad and the worker's union he belongs to.  

When we arrived we hit the ground running on Final Call assignments, but the blog is a very important part of that and I will make sure to do more frequent posting throughout the day.

One thing's for sure, there is a heavy police presence around the city.  Although I wasn't here yet, I've seen photos of various protests that took place on the steps of the State Capitol, provided by Bro. Ansar Muhammad, who is helping to host us here.  Some of the demonstrators were protesting abortions and in one shot, which also belongs to Bro. Ansar, a news television reporter actually got into an argument with a local resident/activist who believes the station routinely puts out negative coverage of his community.  These are just some of the activities that are taking place on the ground around the Convention.

Also, community activists met with local police to discuss their concerns about racial profiling and to develop strategies to minimize and hopefully eradicate any incidents of racial profiling during the remainder of the Convention, and hopefully beyond.

The photos are taking a while to upload.  Stand by for them.

More soon,

Peace and Blessings, Sis Charlene

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dawn2m said...

As Salaam Alaikum Sis. Charlene,

I just wanted to thank you and your collegues at the FCN for this coverage. I am a very busy homeschool teacher and mother-of-twins. I don't have much time (or tolerance) for watching coverage of the convention on television, so I am looking forward to your blogs to keep me informed and enlightened during this historic event. May Allah Bless you all with a safe and successful experience in Denver.
Sis. Dawn Muhammad
Atlanta, GA