Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Michelle Obama - Community Servant

Photos by:  

1) 2nd from left:  Charlene Muhammad
3 remaining: Ansar Muhammad

As Salaam Alaikum....Greetings of Peace!
Welcome back.

Today's major events that I covered, one this morning and one this evening, were both unplanned.  One was very "green," serene and peaceful and the other tense and electric. 
I happened upon the first thanks to one of our very special hosts, Bro. Ansar Muhammad, a staff photographer for the Denver Weekly News.  He invited me to a press conference down the street from his house and there I witnessed Mrs. Michelle Obama and her daughters prepare care packages for military troops and plant trees as part of the Democratic National Convention's Delegate Service Day in Denver's Curtis Park.  
Before loading the boxes though, Mrs. Obama addressed supporters and the media on the importance of community service and what it means to build communities.  Preparing care packages for troops reflects what she was taught as a child:  when you are a guest in someone's home, you leave it in a better condition than when you came.
Check out the Obama's here and scroll down to my other posts for coverage of a massive protest that Sis. Nisa Islam Muhammad and I just broke away from.

Peace..Sis Charlene


tnjmhmmd said...

Wow! I hear some "teachings" coming from Michelle!

khairah19 said...

Michelle Obama is a phenomenal woman.