Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle...My Bell

As Salaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters!

Final Call Staff Photographer Kenneth Muhammad captured this shot of Sen. Obama sending well wishes to his family and DNC participants.

Next,  Michelle, Michelle, Michelle.

Listen, if true historians, continuous discoveries and the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad haven't convinced you by now that the Black woman is indeed the mother of civilization, then Mrs. Michelle Obama's address at the Democratic National Convention last night had to do it.

Certainly we all saw - me from the Pepsi Center and you from your TVs - her mesmerizing commentaries on all things social, economic, political, but what I witnessed first hand and also hope that you saw in some way from home was the way convention participants melted like putty as she spoke.  

Many people here are commenting endlessly about how physically beautiful she was, but what struck them most was the sincerity they felt as she spoke about her father's love, her mother's nurturing and her brother's protection.  

I think my husband, Maurice, expressed one of the greatest points of her address for him was no black male was slain as she was speaking, meaning, despite that Sen. Barack Obama's father did not rear him, he observed that she chose to comment on the positive side in terms of his connection and heritage and instead of use his absence as a crutch.

This was no ordinary convention day and no ordinary address.  People flowed out of the arena believing they could effect change all because of Michelle's speech.  That's what it's about, some of them said.  Not meeting just organize about how to remove the Republican Party from office, but to really engage people at their levels, despite their income ranges, number of children and above all, races.  

In a nutshell, because I have to roll out for Day 2, Mrs. Obama crushed any notion that she is angry, arrogant, uppity, elite, and stretched out her arms to embrace a world in need of healing.  

And she didn't have to deny her "blackness" or her black man to do it.

Peace and Blessings,

Sis Charlene


HUGgy bear, GOD's Leading Lady said...

Let TRUTH PREVAIL Over ERROR in the end.

May The ALMIGHTY GOD give Michelle Obama all the strength that she will need.

PEACE be unto all those who LOVE my CREATOR, The MOST HIGH GOD.

Unknown said...

My sentiments exactly on the next First, or shall I say, the "original and real" First Lady of the White House, God Willing!!! Michelle Obama was eloquent, humble and sincere in her speech. If everyone couldn't feel and/or see that in what the Lady was presenting, then those people are truly dead and in need of some very serious resurrection!! God is Great!!!

Sister Angelita said...

I didn't see the speech on TV, but I did read the transcript online. AWESOME!AWESOME!AWESOME! I pray that they continue to uphold this positively beautiful image of the Black Man and Black Family until the white supremist notion that it is okay to constantly villainize the Black Man is forever lost in the sea of forgetfullness!

TeamDeen said...

I saw Mrs. Michelle Obama upgrade her husband, Senator Obama. She is the personficiation of a Proverbs 31, helpmeet.