Sunday, December 21, 2008

A View From the Top

urban  Bro. Urban Muhammad

*  Member of NOI since 1968

*  Owner of Urban School of Self Defense (

CONGRATULATIONS! to Brothers Urban Muhammad and Bilal Muhammad of the Long Beach Study Group in Long Beach, California!  Both of them are NOI pioneers and they’re at top with consistent bundles of 100 Final Call Newspapers each week.  Here’s a bit about Bro. Urban.  Look for more on Bro. Bilal as soon as I can obtain his photo.

“For me it’s very easy to push the Final Call because I have the school and I offer it to my students.  I’m also in a high business area with a lot of traffic.  The view from the top is a wonderful thing because when I offer the paper to our beautiful brothers and sisters it always leads to an intelligent conversation about Islam.  My tip for brothers who would like to sell the papers on a consistent basis is just to get out there.  Most people already know about it and they want it,” Bro. Urban said.

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