Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Grant Files 3


Above:  Mayor Ron Dellums hit the streets to try to ease protestors' tensions when violence broke out during an impromptu march on Jan. 7, while earlier that day (to the right), demonstrators who gathered at a separate, more peaceful demonstration, listen to speakers, poets, activists and ideas for solutions.

These pics of the evening rebellion and the earlier rally are by Victor Muhammad (V.J. London Photography), who was there when the action broke out and followed the situation to the end. 

Update:  Calls for a federal investigation into the BART police shooting death of Oscar Grant, III. are close to being answered but there's still uncertainty about whether local prosecutors will charge or even arrest former officer Johannes Mehserle.  On Monday BART completed its own investigation of the shooting, but Chief Gary Gee's results seemed to have already disappointed activists, residents, elected officials and others closely observing the case.

When Gee turned his results over to the district attorney's office, he didn't say whether there was enough to file criminal charges, and, he made no recommendation to the D.A.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that U.S. Justice Department mediators are helping to mediate tensions in the city.

** Alright!  I have the hang of this blog technology..more clips on the way from BART Board Members, activists, and Hip Hop movers and shakers, like T.-K.A.S.H.


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