Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Light in the Midst of Struggle

California Attorney General Edmund (Jerry) Brown announced today that his office would begin monitoring the investigation into the police shooting of Oscar Grant, III.  The decision came after he met with members of the Oakland Branch of the NAACP.  

Meanwhile, hours later, hundreds of organizers,
 clergy, activists, youth and concerned citizens, as well as hip hop artists, continued their mobilization efforts at Olivet Institutional Missionary Baptist Church. 

Five members of B.A.R.T.'s Board of Directors were on hand and apologized to the community for the agency's slow response, and for the shooting itself.  They heard six hours of testimony during Thursday's public forum, and have scheduled another meeting for next week to allow people to vent their frustrations.

During the near four-hour meeting, a host of speakers called on the community to lift up Oakland's youth population, a light in the midst of struggle due to their fearlessness and ability to organize and communicate, and to build stronger relationships and help guide and protect them.  

They also: 

1) demanded that voters recall Alameda County District Attorney Tom Orloff;

2) defended the youth, whom the media and many in the Bay Area, have broadly blamed for the destruction caused by a pocket of people who used the community's pain over the murder for their own personal agendas; 

3) demanded the repeal of California's Three-Strikes Law; and
4) they called for unity, consistency and continued mass mobilization.  

C.A.P.E. is organizing another peaceful march and rally for Wednesday.

Join the mass movement for justice.  Call (510) 436-0205 for more details on the rally and other events.

Photos by Victor Muhammad/VJ London Photography: 

1) Student Minister Christopher Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque #26  in San Francisco

2) Student Minister Keith Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque #26B in Oakland and Dereca Blackmon, co-founder of the Coalition Against Police Executions

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