Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Spirit Speaks

Sudonna Moss Logan is a very special lady.  Whether you’ve known her for a lifetime or met her just yesterday, your encounter is bound to be warm, gracious, sincere, and above all, spiritual.  

I love the way that the congregation at Wayman AME Church describes their First Lady on its website (   Her husband, Rev. Dr. Lewis E. Logan, III. is the newly-appointed pastor there): 

Our First Lady, Sudonna Moss Logan, is an anointed leader blessed with an intrinsic aptitude for moral and spiritual understanding.  This innate gift galvanizes her vision to build capacity within individuals and partnerships to enhance God’s people.  With a heart for empowerment, Lady Sudonna has a long-standing, active history of involvement with community activities.  She is celebrated for taking the lead in Christian service and missions.  Her ministry is marked by an impressive presence and a positive and significant reputation.


Well, through The Spirit Speaks, that ministry is about to take women on a journey to a place where they can be their best. 

The Spirit Speaks is an annual women’s retreat filled with workshops, group sharing time, reflections and meditation.  I interviewed First Lady Moss Logan about the retreat, which is scheduled for June 5-7, 2009 at the Alhatti Private Christian Resort in Idyllwild, CA.

Sis. Charlene Muhammad (SCM):  How did The Spirit Speaks Ministry come about and when was your first retreat?

First Lady Sudonna Moss Logan (SML): In December of 2006 I went on a medical mission trip to Southern Africa.  Upon my return I had a scheduled Myomectomy (for removal of Uterine Fibroids).  Usually, I'm always on the go; however, my theme for the month of January 2007 (because of the surgery) was convalesce.  I was forced to be still.  As I sat, one day, the Lord said write down what I say.  I wrote down everything and from that the retreat developed.  It was probably the happiest I had been in a long time.  Initially, coming to Los Angeles in the Fall of 2001, I didn't feel I would have anything to offer.  I didn't think anyone would want to hear anything I had to say or need anything I could give.  Again, I was so happy and thus the name "The Spirit Speaks" because He had spoken to me. 

SCM:  Judging from the agenda ( this is set to be a well-rounded, well-planned event that intends to focus completely on the well-rounded woman of God - mind, body and soul.  How will you pull all of this together for such an affordable registration fee of $250; and that includes lodging?!

SML: The registration fee covers registration processing, materials, lodging, and meals for the weekend and entrance into all general sessions.  Grace stretches that $250.00.

SCM:  Does one have to be of the Christian faith to attend and enjoy the retreat?

SML:  No.  Diversity delivers vitality.  We are more alike than we are different.  Collectively and concurrently in the midst of personal and economic struggles and a changing political landscape our communities can be strengthened when we are strengthened.  This retreat offers that conduit. 

SCM:  What inspired your “Back to Balance” theme?

SML:   Women do so much for so many on an on-going daily is easy to become out of sync.  The retreat is designed to focus on bringing ourselves authentically Back to Balance beyond the retreat weekend.  Everything is centered on that theme -- the location, the speakers, the presenters, the workshops, the seminars, the various therapies offered, the 'down time' -- to Replenish, Rejuvenate, Recreate, Revitalize & Regenerate.

SCM:  Sounds fabulous!  I’ve got to get there.  What is the age range for attendees and do you foresee a similar event for teenage girls or even pre-teens in the future?

SML: There are no age restrictions.  In years past the attendees have ranged between 25-74.  Yes, The Spirit Speaks has been considering offering day conferences across the country for girls and young women.

SCM:  What is the deadline for the registration deposit and final date for full payment?

SML:  The Spirit Speaks is so unique in its payment options -- we have LAY-AWAY...we appreciate your attendance and patronage.  There is no deadline for the registration deposit, however, it is a true retreat center and space is limited (120 person total occupancy).  A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve cottages -- double, triple and quad occupancy available.  We would request May 25th all payments completed.

SCM:  What is your desire for the sisters who attend?

SML:  The love and grace of God is the base from which everything flows.  The retreat is a powerful opportunity to give God room to do whatever He needs to do in our individual lives.  My personal hope is that whatever my Sisters stand in need or desire of they will leave the mountaintop with renewed revelation. 

SCM:  Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Sis Charlene,

I have participated in this conference since its inception and it is AWESOME! We plan to bring at least 20 people from the Bay Area this year.

Pastor Cheryl Ward

Anonymous said...

I attened college with Mrs. Moss-Logan. Every word of what you say about her is true. Anointed & prolific she has ALWAYS been. I plan to not only support the retreat & attend I pray I am able to bring a couple of sisters with me. I adore you Sudonna & can't wait to fellowship with you & the other women, it's been too long. GOD bless the Final Call & all of us that support from the grassroots level. Thank you for such a wonderful outlet for OUR information.