Monday, March 23, 2009

Reporting the News; Keeping It Real and Relevant

As Salaam Alaikum and peace and blessings everyone!

Wow!  This has been a good week and I'm feeling very productive and having a bit of fun, though we have serious work at hand.

Yesterday, I was very honored to be part of a power-packed media panel at the African American Cultural Center in Los Angeles.  It was hosted by Dr. Maulana Karenga and the Advocates of the Us Organization, and presented as part of the organization's celebration of Women's History Month.  

More on this way below, but check this out:

I've been invited by Dominique DiPrima (the host of "Front Page," Southern California's early morning communications drum [4:30 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time] to be her honorary co-host for the day.  Hot Topic Tuesday is the theme for the show tomorrow and it's exciting because the listeners get to discuss any topic - well not any - we've got to keep it clean, that is impacting them and the listeners of 102.3 FM-KJLH (owned by Bro. Stevie Wonder) are full of life and they keep 'em coming.  

If you're in the city, you already know to set your dials now to 102.3 FM and if you're not, you can tune in to the show online at and just click * listen live * to get in the mix and bring your deliberative dialogue.  

Back to yesterday...

First, THANKS A MILLION!  to all the MGT and FOI who showed up to support me and the Final Call:  my husband, Ali, Queen Aminah (your designs are too fabulous), her husband, Bro. Larry, Sis Cheryl and daughter, Deja, Sis Angelita, my great helper in the Final Call cause, Sis. Student Minister Dorothy, Sis. Beverly, Sis. Barbara, Sis. Valerie, Sis. Charisse, Sis. Joyce, Sis. Caryette and last but not least, Sis. Robyn and her lovely son.

The commemoration is called Black History Month II - Black Women Focus.  It was very enjoyable to be able to hear from the community as they interviewed us - Dominique, Shirley Hawkins of Our Weekly Newspaper and Yussef Simmonds, Assistant Managing Editor of the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper.

Dr. Karenga welcomed us by phone (he had just returned from business travel) with a history of the Black Press, why we were invited to speak to and be interviewed by the community, and then we had a ball keeping it real and relevant about critical issues impacting the Black community and solutions.

The standing-room-only audience candidly asked us about how the Black Press is surviving these turbulent economic times, how do we handle issues that are controversial even for the Black Press and community, and how we define our roles as journalists.  

Chimbuko Tembo, Us Co-Vice Chair, moderated the session.

I must give a special thank you to Ms. Emma Goode for her support and six month's subscription to the Final Call.  That's what helps keep us afloat, so thank you very much.  Thanks also to those who gave a kind word, constructive criticism of the Black Press and more importantly, to Dr. Karenga, Sis. Tiamoyo and the Us Advocates for having us all.

Black History Month II kicked off with:

- a March 1 discussion on "The Wisdom and Ways of Our Foremothers:  Lessons in Life & Living" by Dr. LaFrancis Rodgers-Rose;

- a March 15 discussion on "Haiti and Ujamaa:  Empowerment through Appropriate Giving" by Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat;

-our media panel - "Reporting and Interpreting the News:  Keeping It Real and Relevant;" 

- and it will close out on March 29th with Dr. Karenga's discussion, "Of Poems, Black Love, Longing and Struggle:  From Ancient Egypt to Now."

(photos by Caryette Muhammad :  Sis Charlene - left;  full panel:  Sis. Charlene, Dominique DiPrima, Chimbuko Tembo, Yussef Simmonds, Shirley Hawkins)


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