Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson made his transition today after going into full cardiac arrest. 

I was shocked and knew I had to get to work right away on coverage but for a moment I was paralyzed by all of the text messages and phone calls I received either for confirmation or to alert me.

When my husband Ali and I arrived to gather news at his home, we encountered numerous fans waiting to cross police tape to get to his house or get a glimpse of some of his family members.  

When we left the neighborhood at about 9:30 PM his fans were still walking up Sunset Boulevard, carrying flowers, posters and candles.

One fan told TV reporters this was the day that music died.

My 11-year-old daughter, Ra'eesah, planted this poster board near our front door today.  She was two years off the mark, but she understood the magnitude of his life and his passing.

L.A. Coroners with LAPD escorts to Michael Jackson's Holmby Hills home.

LAPD Officers guard front entrance to Michael Jackson's home.

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Niambi Shalewa said...

Peace Sister! Thank you for your reflections. We must continue to report our news and tell our stories. Thank Allah for the work you do and the tireless work that our dear Leader does to make sure we are represented and have a voice! Peace!