Sunday, July 26, 2009

Deafening Silence on Respecting and Protecting the Black Female

Rochelle Bilal, president Guardian Civic League

With all the uproar, national news and debates about Professor Henry Louis Gates, the esteemed historian who was arrested by a white police officer inside his the details...the death threats against a black police woman in Philadelphia are flying under the radar - cable news that is.

Sure, it's made some national news, but where is the outrage and concern by the pundints- the same ones who are demanding that President Barack Obama apologizes to the arresting officer in Gates' incident for, uhhh, weighing in on the incident, after being asked to by a reporter. What would they be saying if the President said 'no comment?' It hasn't even matched the routine coverage of over-sexed, adulterous politicians.

Oops, i digressed..anyway..

I found the story on, originally posted on

According to, Rochelle Bilal works in narcotics intelligence for the Philadelphia Police Department. She is the president of the Guardian Civic League, its black police association. Recently, the League filed a lawsuit against the department over the website, alleging it is a discussion board for hundreds of racist rants.

According to reports, the site is not run by the department, but is administered by a police sergeant. WHAT??????!!!

Since protesting the site as hurtful to her people and divisive to the department, Ms. Bilal has received death threats, including one suggesting that she deserved to be gang raped. WHAT????? !!!!

So far the city and department have blocked access to the site, reports, but I believe more should occur. From the department, certainly. But really, from our community. We're drawn into a real, frank and even necessary discussion about when, why and how Prof. Gates was arrested and racial profiling dialogues have exploded again, at least in the mainstream, but they've been ongoing in our communities. Why aren't cable news networks on fire with or digging into this issue - and I don't mean a 3-minute story or headline. They are snorting everything out about Michael Jackson (where did he buy his jacket buttons; interviewing seamstresses who hemmed his pants, staking out the home of people who shined his shoes - digging up dirt on this brother).

The local NAACP has gotten involved but the major media networks should investigate and illuminate this issue with the same vigor they go after other stories.

Better yet, Why Aren't We?

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