Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Glenn Beck's "Obama racist" charge costs more advertisers

Glenn Beck.jpg
Glenn Beck, the over-the-top talk show host on Fox News Channel, who called President Barack Obama a racist, is losing advertisers for his Glenn Beck 
Show at this very moment.

But instead of apologizing and repenting, he is attacking ColorOfChange.org, the organization that swiftly and strategically launched an online petition asking advertisers to pull the plug. But he's not going at them head-on.

Beck is instead running negative profiles of Van Jones, the President's "Green Czar."  Remember him?  The Final Call actually featured Mr. Jones and his organization Green For All earlier this year.  Currently he is the special advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.  Mr. Jones co-founded the San Francisco Bay-Area ColorOfChange.org with James Rucker.

At the time of this posting, ColorOfChange.org has yet to hear from Red Lobster and Vonage, but the advertisers that have kicked Beck to the curb so far, or pledged to, are:

Clorox, Lowe's, Sprint, Airware Inc., Ancestry.com, AT&T, Blaine Labs Inc., Campbell Soup, Ditech, The Elations Company, Experian, Farmers Insurance Group, Johnson & Johnson, NutriSystem, UPS Store, Proctor & Gamble, Wal-Mart, and Verizon Wireless.

At least two of the companies said that they didn't advertise on Beck's show but their products were tagged to other items that did and they've taken action to have their ID's removed from the show's commercials.

I'll keep watching...(and not the Glenn Beck Show).

Returning from vacation, Beck targeted Van Jones, the president's adviser for green jobs, enterprise and innovation.

(Photos:  Top/Glenn Beck...Bottom/Van Jones)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Will we see the reopening of King Drew Hospital soon?

God willing, if Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas has his way.  And usually, he gets it.

Right now, I'm  sitting in a filled-to-capacity auditorium at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration.

Supervisor Ridley-Thomas has called out all community activists, leadership and residents, anyone who's concerned about lacking healthcare in the L.A. community and surrounding areas, to support his efforts to reopen the Martin Luther King, Jr./Charles R. Drew Medical Center.  

The Supervisors' regular meeting actually started at 9:30 but he's placed a special item on the agenda just for King Drew.

There are several recommendations, but primarily, we're here to see if the hospital will open for in-patient services.  

This is a hot button issue folks.  Several years ago, the Watts/Willowbrook community was stripped of the hospital for various reasons - I'll post links to past articles in a bit.  The meeting's starting.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HOT OFF THE PRESS!!! Why is White Right attacking the first Black president?

President Barack Obama recently met over beer with Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Sgt. James Crowley, hoping to diffuse tense debates over racial profiling and racial bias triggered by the arrest of the Harvard University scholar by the Cambridge, Mass., police department officer. Though that racially charged conversation may be over, vicious attacks on the first Black President of the United States are not. Analysts say don't expect the attacks to end anytime soon. » FULL STORY at http://www.finalcall.com/.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Remember 19-month-old Susie Pena? How could we forget the plump-cheeked baby Latina that was shot and killed in July 2005 when LAPD SWAT officers stormed an auto sales shop in Watts. Her father, Raul Pena had taken her hostage in a stand-off with police and barricaded them both in the shop. No doubt they killed Mr. Pena, but sadly, Baby Susie was also shot once through the head.

Judge Rolf Treu dismissed the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Baby Susie's mother, Lorena Lopez, saying there was not enough evidence presented during the trial for a jury to find that the officers acted unreasonably.

According to reports, the judge ended the trial on the day the jury was supposed to hear final arguments.

We'll never know what the jury would have decided. But what if ...?

Can you imagine being shackled while giving birth?

Neither could some pregnant women in New York State. I found an interesting piece on the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper's site about a petition supporting a bill that would ban the use of restraints on incarcerated women before, during and after labor.

Toya Murray described it as torture, wrote Jacquie Simone in the article, which posted July 29. She was pregnant when she went into prison for a 15-month sentence for a non-violent crime.