Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Jones "Green Czar" Resigns

Returning from vacation, Beck targeted Van Jones, the president's adviser for green jobs, enterprise and innovation.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Van Jones resigned from his post as President Obama's environmental advisor last night. What would make a man with years of experience in renewable energy, and a staunch advocate for green jobs quit when the country's most in need of this expertise?

Well, he co-founded, the Bay Area-based activist organization that launched an online campaign against right wing Fox talk show host Glenn Beck, immediately after he called Pres. Obama a racist.

Immediately after the petition hit the web, Beck's sponsors started distancing themselves from his show and divisive rhetoric.

Van Jones had been inactive with for some time as (before his job as the White House "Green Czar") he had founded and headed up Green For All, a national organization that strives to build a green economy and lift people out of poverty.

But Beck and the right wing went after Jones (not - because the real target is Pres. Obama and Jones' position allowed them to hit two birds with one stone), pulled up some of his past protest activities and lectures that addressed Bush's role in 911 and the Republican Party, and linked Jones' independent views to the President's. Well, the rest is history.

This issue is not just about Barack, Beck and Jones. The American people - especially the poor - stand to lose. Jones possesses the expertise needed to move the country from a wasteful economy to one that both provides the renewable resources it needs and put its people to work developing them.

All in all, Glenn Beck lost dozens of advertisers, but with Van Jones' resignation, the country, in the middle of one of the biggest recessions and unemployment eras in history, loses green jobs and much more.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr Jones will join on to a New Government, with all that background knowledge,and a New Leader, Minister Farrakhan.