Sunday, October 18, 2009

At Day In L.A. at the Taste of Soul

Danny Bakewell, Sr., Publisher, Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper and Taste of Soul creator.

The Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper brought art, culture, business and family together again for the 4th Annual Taste of Soul 2009 Festival on October 17. Taste of Soul is considered the largest block party in L.A.

This year, finally, I was able to attend. Because it takes place usually on the same weekend I'm away for the commemoration of the Holy Day of Atonement, Million Man March.

It was scorching hot but that didn't keep people from coming out. What I liked best about Taste of Soul is seeing the joy on our people's faces. We know it's been rough! Home foreclosures, health issues, youth violence, this and that, but for one day in L.A. on Crenshaw Boulevard, people could forget their troubles and become one.

"A Taste of Soule is for you," said Danny Bakewell, Sr., Taste of Soul Creator and Executive Publisher of the LA Sentinel.

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