Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Day in Washington, D.C.

Anthony Robinson, Esq., President MBELDEF at NAM's Stimulus Fellowship Workshop, University of California Center, Washington, D.C.

New America Media Stimulus Fellowship - Day 1

I arrived in D.C. last night! Beautiful flight, great escorts, awesome dinner, even better hotel.  

New America's coming very strong to help introduce us to or fill in the blanks on the Stimulus and what it may or may not mean for you.

Aaron Glantz, NAM Stimulus Editor kicked off today's workshops with an update on the Stimulus and how to maneuver the many databases for our reporting.

Right now Atty. Anthony Robinson (Minority Business Enterprise Legal and Defense and Education Fund), Devere Kutshcher (United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) are explaining what the recovery plan means in terms of demographics, contracts, and the real story behind the federal funding.

Khalil Abdullah (New America Media)

The words for today are INFORMATION and ACCOUNTABILITY.  

The discussion's very frank and they're making it plain, so I haven't gotten lost in the terms and numbers.  I like it.  Gotta go.


NAM Fellow Christina Fresquez-Pizzaro (El Seminario), Suzanne Manneh (Stimulus Coordinator, Arab and Latino Media Monitor, New America Media, Devere Kutshcher (United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce), Khalil Abdullah (New America Media), NAM Fellow Edwin Buggage (New Orleans Data News Weekly)

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