Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jeremy Vernon Youth Artistry

I'm a very proud auntie right now!  My nephew, Jeremy Vernon, turns 18 tomorrow and begins preparing to expand his career by attending the Art Academy in San Francisco.  He is a self-taught sketch and digital artist. 

I watched him grow up since he was just a little boy, drawing pictures out of different books and perfecting his works, one at a time.  He's been featured in several art competitions and works to create logos and other exclusive artwork for t-shirts and skateboards and websites.  

When President Barack Obama began receiving all of the death threats (or when they began surfacing in the public at least) Jeremy was so moved he captured the essence of the threats and political climate in a drawing as well.    

I reposted it again so you can see some of his abilities.  You can also check out some of his other drawings on his own personal blog at

Jeremy I know in my heart you'll do well.  You've a journey ahead of you in getting to the Art Academy and San Francisco, but I'm praying for you. 


Hate Still Exists

By Jeremy Vernon

I drew a picture of President Obama as a symbol of change taking place in America.

In other countries, our flag is burned as a symbol of the negative feeling towards us. The picture of President Obama shows our strong need for change and his election was meant to usher in that change.

What my picture represents is the fact that there are still hate groups in America.  There are still people in the world who not only dislike the idea of a Black President; they haven’t accepted the fact that we actually have one.  Times have changed yes, not all people are willing to grow with the changes.  In their minds, their personal memories and image of America is also burning.

My picture basically symbolizes the division in America that is increasingly starting to show again.  Since the civil rights period, people have always known that racism and segregation could not remain.   We have death threats made against our new President by “God–fearing Americans”, racial jokes and hints posted on emails and in media. It only shows that much change is still needed. 

Obama’s election by Americans of all races is the change that America desperately wants and needs. Our generation has made that clear.   He is not "the" change, our coming together to elect him as President is the change. 

The other issue my picture addresses our government’s policy regarding the return of military dead to the U.S.

America does not like to see the bad sides of war.  There really is no good that comes from war, but refusing to show images of our dead heroes of war only softens the idea of death for everyone but the families who’ve lost loved ones.  It hides the truth about war under the disguise of protecting the privacy of families.

Although that’s important, what’s more important is to show people what is really happening to our troops.  Instead, the lack of these sad photos of our dead heroes returning home by plane in a coffin leaves the image of war as a sort of video game.  It’s an honor to choose to go to war to protect our nation, but more than half of young Americans do not even know the reason why we are in the war to begin with.  The old saying "The old men send the younger men to fight their wars” describes the time that we live in.  The old men of the previous administration sent the nations younger men to do their bidding and fight their battles.  The least America deserves is to know what is happening to our men.  The coffin in my picture is symbolic of all this.  It symbolizes the demand for media to stop hiding the truth of the war from the American people and stop sugar coating the sad results of war. 

My medium of work was pencil and shading then scanned to a computer for color insert.

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Anonymous said...

Young man child your art work took my breathe away. I am amazed at your personal discription of the President Obama art piece and what it means to you. So profound and accurate. Surely without a doubt you will excell at San Francisco and bring pride to your family. I am your community family, please know that I am offering my wisdom to tag onto your youth and vision as you grow to reach your dreams and desires. Much love, Ms. Cole Dennis