Friday, January 8, 2010

From the I Am Oscar Grant Files - Scenes from Johannes Mehserle Hearing

It's been a year since former Bart officer Johannes Mehserle shot and killed an unarmed, handcuffed, 22-year-old Oscar Grant, III (pictured left) on a station platform in Oakland.  Since that time there have been a lot of developments, including the change of venue which again brought the issue of police brutality to Southern California.  

At today's preliminary hearing for Mehserle, protesters demanded justice for Oscar Grant during a press conference and rally outside the courthouse, while the Grant family, their attorney, John Burris, and a contingent of supporters from the Bay Area, attended the hearing.  

They included Student Minister Keith Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque 26B in Oakland, Jack Bryce, who's two sons were with Grant and also allegedly brutalized by Bart police on the platform, and J.R. Valrey, Minister of Information for the Prisoners of Conscience Committee headed by Fred Hampton Jr., producer of Block Report Radio.

Here are some of the sights from today's activities.  Oh, the youth at Locke High's family of schools wanted to support the Grant Family and rally, but didn't want to miss their classes, so they held a rally at the school in the courtyard.  

Check for the full story in the FCN soon.

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