Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Big Apple - National Action Network's Annual Convention

What took me so long to come here?!!!!  New York is great.  Of course, though, I get to leave soon.

Right now in NAN's media workshop on whether Blacks are covered fairly in media.

Panelists:  George Curry/The Curry Report, Elinor Tatum/New York Amsterdam News, Jonathan Capehart/Washington Post, Ed Schultz/MSNBC, Fred Mwangaguhunga/, and Alfred C Liggins, III/TV One.  Rachel Noerdlinger's moderating (Noerdlinger Media).  Oh yeah, Bill O'Reilly stopped by.

Various panels leading up to Saturday's forum on Black leadership's 12 month plan for the Black community...


(These shots are not of the media panel)

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