Sunday, April 25, 2010

Deric Muhammad encourages Houston youth to Think Big!

This encouraged me today after receiving some saddening news about some young kinfolk of mine.  Every time my brother Jesse Muhammad posts something, anything, about Houston I grow a big smile because I grew up both in Louisiana/home state and Houston.  I think it's great that he and Bro Deric are giving back to their roots.  They make me want to reach out to Opelousas, or The Op as it's sometimes called.  But then I realize that Bro Jesse's still in Houston and I'm a million miles away.  What I can do is work out and give back right in my own family for starters.

On Thursday, April 22, I accompanied my older sibling Brother Deric Muhammad during a visit to Forest Brook Middle School located in Northeast Houston.

This was a homecoming for the both of us.

Originally this campus was Forest Brook Senior High School--a place where Bro. Deric used to wreck havoc on teachers and administrators. He eventually graduated in the late 80's and nearly ten years later I graduated from the same school. But we did not have the same type of grades. (smile)

The district is considered one of the worse in the state of Texas and the expectations of anyone doing something great out of the neighborhood gets slimmer and slimmer. But we beat the odds just like others. This campus went through a lot of turmoil after being hit by a severe hurricane years ago, so the district has been juggling what to do with the facility. The facility is now a combination of students from Kirby Middle School and Oak Village Middle School along with courses offered on the third floor from Houston Community College.

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