Friday, April 9, 2010

Get ready! Online Empowerment Seminar Two Weeks Away!


I'll be hosting the first Online Marketing Made Simple Empowerment Seminar for the Final Call (West) to help close the digital gap for many who have limited knowledge of how to successfully use the Internet.

It came about after I kept getting requests from so many of my friends and family to help them spread the word about their projects or programs. A lot of them are fantastic endeavors, but there was always a missing link - their web presence.

Some of them were online but their sites were stagnant. Others were afraid to connect with the global web market, and some just didn't know what the social marketing vehicles were and how to use them. The fact is though, I saw myself in them, so this is as much for me as it is for anyone. LOL

But since the economic downturn began I've been hearing from so many people who have lost their jobs and are finding that they don't know anything or enough about how to maneuver the Internet beyond basic Google and Facebook.

You can help and benefit at the same time! By clicking the donate link to the left to

sponsor the $30 registration fee for one adult attendee who has been laid off due to the recession, their unemployment has run out, and they are re-training to help provide for their families in these hard times, in return you'll receive a profile pic on my blog at and on Bro. Jesse Muhammad's award-winning blog at

Your profile would include your photo or company/product logo, a highlight of what you offer/provide, and your contact information, which would run for one full week per sponsorship.

Sponsor a group of five adults (at $150) who have lost their jobs in these hard times and your profile pic would run for one full month on both blogs.

Thank you for any consideration and support of the Final Call (West)!

Call me at 866-602-1230 ext 800 or email me at

Sis Charlene Muhammad

P.S. Want to receive a scholarship to the seminar? Email or call me with why you need to enhance our online social marketing skills in this economic downturn.
I'll announce scholarship recipients as they are awarded.

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