Thursday, April 29, 2010

Saviours' Day 2010 Western Region Archives

Undoubtedly, believers across the Nation of Islam held various types of celebrations to commemorate the birth of our Saviour Master W. Fard Muhammad this Saviours' Day 2010.  From the Western Region archives I've pulled some photos from festivities at Muhammad Mosque #27 in Los Angeles and the Long Beach Study Group.  I also know that Muhammad Mosque #54 in Compton had a celebration...let me see if I can get some pics.

The believers worked very hard to make it all happen, especially for the children.  Although at #27, Sis. Student Captain Aminah Muhammad and Sis. Khallilah Muhammad worked hard with the sisters to be sure that the FOI appreciation went well, including fine dining and refined service, they made sure the children knew it was their day. There was a jumper, gifts for everyone, balloons, the works.

In Long Beach, Sis Aneesah Muhammad, who spearheaded the celebration, and the MGT and FOI showed out too.

(some captioned and other miscellaneous photos)

L.A. juniors dominated the jumper - glad it was inside the mosque because that was a winddddy day.

This cake was scrumptous!

Jr FOI did an excellent job of entertaining.

Sis. Patricia serves up cool iced tea to the brothers.  This was her table set with fine china.

Student Cpt. Aminah Muhammad conducts a slide presentation on African history.

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