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While speaking to my beautiful sister Saajida Shabazz of New York recently, she informed me that several of our youth in the Nation of Islam were on a journey in Egypt and I was very excited for them and interested in learning about how they went, what they were doing, and why.  This is what she shared.  Thanks Sis Saajida!!

Nation of Islam Youth Return to the Motherland

By: Saajida Shabazz

Nation of Islam youth, from Muhammad Mosque #7, did not let obstacles stand in their way of their 1 month sojourn to Ancient Kemet, commonly known as Egypt, Africa. Their enthusiasm was driven by their love for learning and exploration. These New York youth understand the importance of traveling the world and not limiting oneself to one particular community. Their hopes are to learn much on their journeys, which encourages them to see the world from a vast scope and it makes them aware of different cultures, religions, and way of life up close. The believers of Muhammad Mosque #7 are proud to be represented in the Motherland by Bro. Emmanuel Muhammad, Bro. Jaleel Muhammad, Sis. Aliyah Muhammad, Sis. Annisah Muhammad, Sis. Sajeeda Muhammad, and Sis. Maleeka Muhammad.   

This enriching experience was made possible through the International Youth Leadership Institute program ( ) in New York. This is an excellent program that, “…prepares Black and Latino secondary school students to assume active leadership roles in their community and global society.” Through the program, IYLI students are able to enjoy different activities, learn from their participation in various seminars and guest speakers, and establish a family bond with their peers and group leaders. This program is beneficial to our communities because, “IYLI reinforces a belief that individuals can improve their society and their world by first developing themselves.” While in Egypt the students have experienced seeing the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinxes, riding camels, and sailing on the Nile River, etc. 

Obtaining the funds for the trip to Egypt was no easy task for the youth; however they worked diligently to bring forth their goal into reality. They fundraised, collected donations, and the IYLI program facilitated the auctioning of goods to assist with the expenses. The students worked together and were also supported by their families, friends, and religious organizations. 

The youth from Muhammad Mosque #7, along with their IYLI family, are blessed to be able to serve as an inspiration for all those who may allow life challenges to discourage us from our goals. This just goes to show, when you have the help of Allah (God), family, and your community- YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU WILL!         

Pictured in the photos are:  Believers of Muhammad Mosque #7 - Bro. Jaleel Muhammad, Sis. Maleeka Muhammad, Sis. Sajeeda Muhammad, Sis. Annisah Muhammad, Sis. Aliyah Muhammad, and Bro. Emmanuel Muhammad.  

 MM #7 Youth and their International Youth Leadership Institue group, with the Pyramid of Giza in the background.
 IYLI Students and Group Leaders. 

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