Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5-year-old shot in the back of the head - latest victim of senseless violence

Aaron Shannon, Jr.

Wiping Out Our Own Future

I believe that only God and our total surrender to Him will get us out of this absolute mess.  I can barely post this right now.  

This is somebody's baby. 

 It is so easy to take a life that you didn't give birth to.  

I thank Allah for Sis. Vicky Lindsey and Project Cry No More.  Their work of supporting mothers and families of loved ones lost to violence, which is our work, is cut out for us!  

We will be in court Nov. 5 for the sentencing of the former BART officer who shot and killed Oscar Grant, III. in the back, and the community is rightfully demanding justice.

  Notwithstanding the ins and outs and comparisons of why Blacks kill Blacks and cops kill Blacks, WE have to heed the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakan's call to Stop the Killing!!  

I think we need to bring Bro Dennis Muhammad and the Peacekeepers out here to patrol the streets along with the F.O.I. and the real men in our communities.

The perpetrators shot this baby in the back of the head.  Justice for Oscar Grant and Justice for Aaron Shannon, Jr.

Here is the press release I just received.  My prayers and condolences go out to this family.

COMMUNITY  &  MEDIA  ALERT!                                   
Contact: Vicky @ 310- 764-0165
                 LAPD @  (213) 485-4251                                                                     
Thursday,  Nov  4,  2019                                  
WHEN:        Saturday,  Nov  6,  2010  @  7pm
WHERE:    77th Street Community Police Station
                              7600 S Broadway,
                                 LA,  CA,  90003
WHO:  LAPD, LASD, Loved  Ones  of  Homicide  Victims,  Prevention  &  Intervention  Agencies,  Community  Organizations, Elected  Officials,  Clergy, Students, Educators, and everybody who cares
WHY:  To  Support  the  Family...To  Bring  Attention  &  Awareness  to  Aaron's  MURDER!!!...To  let  the  murderers  know  that  we  DO  NOT  TOLERATE  this  kind  of  violence!!!  Turn  yourselves  in!!!

THE  STORY:  Aaron, who attended elementary school in Compton, was going to a Halloween party in Inglewood, the grandfather said. Shannon said he saw two black males in their 20s walking in the alley behind the home in the Florence neighborhood. He said he nodded to acknowledge them. Shannon said he then heard a popping sound like small explosions or fireworks.When the gunfire stopped, Aaron was down. "My grandson was in a pool of blood in his Spider-Man costume. They shot him in the back of the head," Shannon said.

"Get  Involved  by  Choice  Not  Force"!



gbunny said...

I am incensed by the callousness of some of our youth, they don't understand that they have been manipulated in the same way as the children soldiers in Africa. Willie Lynch, is laughing, and you and I are crying. We as a tribe of people have not lived up to our inheritance, and are now suffering because of our failure to commit to the next generation the resources, skills, spiritual and philosophical platforms that had long served our people. Don't get me wrong, since we've been in America we have had to contend with hostel people and environment set on the complete destruction and elimination of the Black Man, knowing this as fact means we should offer no assistance. The 5-year-old child, was collateral damage in the scheme of things, spiritually, the loss was the Grand-father, the other children of the neiborhood, the innocence of the two young shooters, and everyone who was impacted by this article. Everyone of us died a little, which in itself is an incredible feat considering that the Minister, with good reason, refers to us as a dead people!

QMediaNation said...

As Salaam Alaikum! We will be reporting this on our show! Would love to have you on for this...Sister Falana

Anonymous said...

my god...........

Richard Beavers said...

My heart goes out to this family. A group of Black men in the community where I have a business have come together and started to walk in the community and talk to people so that we begin to have more of a visible presence. We have to be the difference makers no one else is going to do it. How can we even begin to call ourselves men when our women and children live in fear and are being terrorized on a daily bases. This madness and dysfunction must be put to a halt. Our group is called We Make Us Better.

ice said...

Regarding the 5 year old child shot in the head thats terrible, sad.

Anonymous said...

My heart go out to that mother, April 18th 1990 something, I lost my niece at 18. She was shot in the face,right between the eyes by a stupid and senseless person. I had to make all the arrangements. It was like I was buring my own child,because we spent a lot of time together. So I know and feel the pain of this mother. I pray to Allah to keep and comfort her! I still cry till this day. Sis.Fredda Muhammad

Anonymous said...

May the Lord comfort family and friends. May the Lord strengthen family and friends.