Friday, November 5, 2010

JUSTICE DENIED! in Oscar Grant Cop Trial

A million things on my mind and heart but justice denied, and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's lecture/book, Justifiable Homicide, is the sentiment that immediately comes to mind after seeing initial video tapes of the shooting, sitting through days of evidentiary hearings, witnessing the battle over jury instructions and after the jury's verdict, hearing the heart-wrenching victims' impact statements from Oscar Grant's mother, Wanda, his uncle Bobby, his sister Chanteay, his fiance Sophina, and his aunt Charmaine, and then hearing Judge Robert Perry state that he made errors in instruction the jury, that among others, Oscar Grant and his friends were responsible for his death, and then sentencing Johannes Mehserle to two years in prison, with time served.  He doubled Mehserle's 146 days actually served for good behavior, at which point Wanda Johnson and her family and concerned supporters stood up and walked out, robbed, saddened, disgusted, but not surprised, they said.  

Thank Allah I was able to connect with Final Call Staff Writer Bro. Jesse Muhammad who tweeted much of the court proceedings for us because my phone blocked Internet access for each break.  

I can't get into any more right now for a number of reasons but if anyone's interested in what happened ultimately when Judge Robert Perry sentenced Johannes Mehserle for fatally shooting Oscar Grant based on the jury's involuntary manslaughter verdict, pull the defense's case and arguments from day one and you'll have it all.

Here is Student Minister Keith Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque 26B in Oakland, expressing his thoughts away from the press conference.

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