Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today on Some of Us Are Brave

Before logging on to at 4 pm to hear the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's address from Rockford, Illinois, I joined the sisters of Some of Us Are Brave, Thandi, Jan, and Angela to support Thandi's interviews with Eve Lynne, creator of the animated book project, Ella B. Jenkins, a 7-year-old who meets President Barack Obama ( 

Thandi also interviewed Erica Gimpel, widely recognized from her work as Coco on Fame! 

(I just saw her on New York Undercover....told her I was maaaad when she left Eddie for her abusive partner.)

She's performing songs from her first CD project, "Spread Your Wings and Fly" tonight at the Blue Whale in Little Tokyo - admission is $10.    Her performance is to help support the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles.  (Find out more at

Erica told me that she's not dancing so much now and mainly focused on her music right now.  

I was excited to see Geri Silva, Executive Director of Families to Amend California's Three Strikes (F.A.C.T.S.).  She's getting ready for her new show prison radio show on KPFK, "Think Outside the Cage."  Please, send a lot of love out her way for the prosperity and longevity of this show everyone!  She deals with the disparities in the Prison Industrial Complex and the movement to end the mass incarceration for life sentences for third strikes on non-violent offenses.  We need this voice.  Thank you Geri!!!

Sis Charlene, Geri Silva (F.A.C.T.S. executive director), and Erica Gimpel. 

Thanks for joining us today Lisa Frazier! 

Jan Robinson Flint and Angela Birdsong handling the calls and Facebook posts.

 Thandisizwe Chimurenga, host, Some of Us Are Brave


Anonymous said...

Nice work with the 30 minutes you were given. Glad you are teaming up with Geri Silva. Is it archived on KPFK?

Charlene Muhammad said...

Thanks for tuning in anonymous! Yes, the shows are archived for 90 days at