Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scenes from Saviours' Day 2011


I love, love, love Saviours' Day.  It represents so much on a spiritual, mental and physical level.  The two-three days leading up to the crowning event, the keynote lecture by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, the revelation that he shares, the energy of the Nation of Muslims and friends and supporters, all means so much.  

I love Saviours' Day because when I get to the headquarters of the Nation of Islam, I get to see the faces of the many that I and my colleagues at The Final Call serve through our writing and photography, all of it.  The work that we do on a daily basis culminates each year for me during this time and I experience a revival that is so powerful and energetic...I LOVE IT.

All Praise Is Due To Allah!!!!

I've been interviewing and writing but managed to find a few minutes to post some of the scenes I enjoyed throughout Saviours' Day. 

Remember to visit to view the archive of Min. Farrakhan’s lecture today and visit to order the DVD/CD/books, etc.

And please also remember to get the Special Saviours’ Day edition of The Final Call and this week’s issue for full coverage of the event.

As Salaam Alaikum!

My too Black too Strong Brothers 
Jesse Muhammad and Jasiri X

(Captions for the photos below are after the following pics.)

(photos left to right/Charlene Muhammad):  

1.  My princess Ra'eesah ready to hear today's divine message.

2.  Journalist and marketing guru Toure Muhammad and my husband Ali Muhammad.

3.  MGT reunion!  Me and my beloved Sister Hope Muhammad of Phoenix, AZ.

4.  Beautiful, dignified youth MGT and FOI take in Social Networking: A Spider's Web workshop.

5.  "Mosque #27...THAT'S RIGHT!  THAT'S RIGHT!"  MGT Vanguard from Muhammad Mosque #27 after winning 2nd place in NOI Drill Competition that's been on hiatus for about 9 years.  (MM#27 FOI drill team won 2nd place in their division too!)

6.  "Great job!" to all the Believers who accomplished an awesome task - pictured here are two of my favorite couples:  l/Bro. Larry Muhammad of MM#27 and his wife, Student Western Region MGT-GCC Captain Aminah Muhammad and r/FCN Staff Writer Bro Jesse Muhammad and his wife Sis. Shareefah Muhammad.

7.  Bro. Jesse, Bro. Ashahed (FCN Assistant Editor), Ali.

8.  Bro. Jesse moderating his Social Networking: A Spider's Web workshop.

9.  Student Minister/Pittsburgh and Hip Hop artist Jasiri X with young Muslim supporter Yasmine.

10.  The beautiful, incomparable entrepreneur Sis. Ebony Muhammad, publisher of the online work, Hurt 2 Healing Magazine/

11.  Bro. Cedric Muhammad ( of "The Entrepreneurial Secret Book Series Volume I) and Bro. Salih Muhammad, blogger/ and representative of NOI Student Movement) 

12. Photographer extraordinaire Bro. Anzar Muhammad of Denver, Colorado, Ali and Bro. Richard Muhammad, Editor-in-Chief of The Final Call Newspaper.

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