Saturday, May 7, 2011

To Mothers!

I'll always love my momma!  

I'm playing the R&B hit by the O'Jays right now and thinking about my mom, my sisters, who are great mothers that try hard every day (Cres, Stephanie and Toni), to my aunties Celeste, Gloria, Linda, Baby, Marcelette and Lucille, my sister-in-law Andrea, and my sisterhood and close friends throughout the world. 

I also dedicate this blog to my big sister Vanessa, who isn't physically with us anymore but beams everyday through two beautiful, precious stones she left with us.

My mama Dora Jane Bob
with my nieces Kendall and Kennedy

Families across the country will take a few hours out of their 'busy' schedules tomorrow to honor their mothers, grandmothers and guardians.  Some are going to spend time with and give cards to men who are single fathers, playing both roles, and their sisters, who may be rearing her siblings.  

Whatever we do, I feel we should create a way to extend those few hours or day to every day.  My mom's in Houston, Texas.  I talk to her as often as I can and honestly, I don't feel a special obligation or any pressure to call her on 'Mothers' Day' because we talk so often. However, I use this country's commercialized focus on this day as a positive reminder for me to thank Allah every day for her and to stay more in contact, see if she needs anything despite our being miles apart, and to honor her by living the way she reared me to.  

Thanks for being a great mother Dora J. Bob.  I LOVE YOU!

Mom graduating from 
Old St. Landry Parish Training School
Opelousad, Louisiana
(We're working on restoring this photo.)

Now, if you're in the L.A. and Compton areas and are dedicating time to your mother tomorrow, whether she is physically with you or is not what is considered a 'traditional' mother, let me recommend two wonderful celebrations.

While interviewing for a feature on Mothers' Day for The Final Call Newspaper, I spoke with Janette Robinson-Flint, a beautiful sister and founder of the advocacy and research organization Black Women for Wellness about her their celebration:  "Hipsters on the Upswing."  

Download Mother's Day Tea Flyer

Hipsters on the Upswing began as a way to celebrate single moms whose babies were too young to recognize the day and it transitioned into an event that also honors ancestor moms and support women who are experiencing their first Mothers' Day without their moms.  Then it added women who found themselves home alone after their children left the nest, children growing up in the foster care system who may or may not know their moms, women who were fostering children who don’t give a damn about them, and it began celebrating women who live in residential facilities, like drug rehabilitation centers, domestic violence shelters, and women who just couldn't make ends meet.  

Hipsters on the Upswing has become a place for them to celebrate the spirit of Black mothers.  You can join them:

May 8 from 2-5 PM
Community Build Garden
4305 Degnan Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90008

Another beautiful annual event taking place is the "Celebration of Motherhood" in Compton at Mosque #54, where husbands, children, friends are invited to make dedications to their mothers.  

"Usually people don't have or they think they can't find the time to honor their mothers, so tomorrow we're creating the space for them to be able to do that," said Student Captain Gilda Muhammad, who is responsible for the well-being of women and girls there.

Familes are invited to bring their gifts, their poems, or their music, whatever they want to present to their moms tomorrow.  

Mothers everywhere, enjoy!

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