Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"We are not satisfied!" - Grant Family of $1.3 million settlement with BART

Oscar Grant's mother Wanda Johnson and a relative
/Tshirt photo of Oscar and his daughter/


Wanda Johnson, the mother of Oscar

Grant, III., has reached a $1.3 million

settlement in its civil lawsuit against

the Bay Area Rapid Transit District.  

"NO amount of money would make me satisfied...No amount of money will bring Oscar back and you can't pay for the loss of a loved one. Any parent who loses a child senselessly or at all still feels that pain," Ms Johnson said during a news conference on July 28.

Former officer Johannes Mehserle -

released in July after 11 months in an

LA County Jail  - fatally shot Grant on a

station platform on New Years Eve


Mehserle was convicted of involuntary

manslaughter and sentenced to 2

years in prison.

A separate lawsuit filed on behalf of Grant's daughter settled for $1.5 million previously. 

Wanda Johnson escorted by Student Minister Keith Muhammad

‎"We’re still trying to collect thoughts but I can definitely state that this settlement doesn’t bring a resolution to what happened to Oscar on that platform. Its just a part of the attempt but yet allows us to move forward in our other avenues as far as continuing to seek justice for Oscar. Of course, the Department of Justice is one area that we’re looking at," Cephus Johnson told  The Final Call Newspaper.

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