Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog Update and Liberated Sisters on Fact, Fiction and Myths about Black Women's Images


Minister Ava Muhammad's full one-on-one interview is posted...the clips are below.

Plus, I am still getting feedback about The Final Call's cover story regarding the Facts, Fiction and Myths about Black Women's images so I decided to take the conversation to the airwaves. Bro. Dedon Kamathi and I will carry the topic on our shows, Liberated Sisters and Freedom Now! at 90.7 FM KPFK, this Saturday, January 14 from 1-3 PM PST.

KPFK will broadcast live from the AFIBA Center and our guests will be local activists and artists. Part 2 of the topic is slated to run on Liberated Sisters on January 28 and the show will feature several of the sisters featured in the article. Their photos, links and one-on-ones are in progress.

Hope to see you Saturday and that you weigh in on the topic at the AFIBA Center because we'll be taking audience questions and comments. Out of the area or just can't make it? Please tun in and get your questions ready for the phone lines during Part 2.

Spread the word!!


Sis Charlene

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