Thursday, November 22, 2012

What the Muslims Want - What the Muslims Believe

We must bridge the gap between Blacks.  Then we must bridge the gap between Blacks and other cultures and settle on agreements and similarities, not differences.  Alliances are key.  Yes.  But we must first Accept Our Own and Be Ourselves.  Blacks of different faiths, educational backgrounds, political affiliations, social and economic status, can reach a mutual ground and build from there.  We have to for our very survival.  But the intolerance we have of what is different about us hinders our progress.

In addition to serving as National Correspondent for The Final Call Newspaper, I host and produce a radio show on the Pacifica Network's 90.7 FM/KPFK in Los Angeles.

During the November 10 Liberated Sisters radio show ( a caller, John, offered some very thought-provoking comments.  He talked about the problem of Black on Black crime, the impact of aborting Black babies, and how unity and returning to our roots were some solutions to many problems we face as a people.  He made in my view some good points.

In the same vein, he said our discussion was a waste of time.  Our guests were L.A.-based activist Attorney Nana Gyamfi and Askia Muhammad, Final Call Senior Editor and News Director at WPFW in Washington, D.C.  John criticized another caller who'd given us the greetings of As Salaam Alaikum, then proceeded to insist Islam was an Arab religion.  He grew quite upset when I tried to explain it was not.  I felt and said he advocated unity then did a verbal drive-by on RK for wishing us peace.

How can we advocate returning to our roots if we in fact don't know what that divine root is; and in the process, denigrate that very root because, well, we don't know who we are and again, what it is?

The promo below and the upcoming show is inspired by our caller, John.  I appreciated his opinion and said so on the air.  It presents the opportunity for dialogue and learning.  His comments bolstered  my concern that many of our own people, whom we are here to serve, don't know -  and perhaps the don't want to know - who we are, what we believe, and why.  We are here to help. We are your servants.  We sacrifice our lives for yours.  We want peace for Black men, women and children wherever they are.  And we want universal peace, peace for those who desire real peace, as God wants it.  And we are not Arabs.  So, what does that mean?  Blacks, Arabs, these are our 'racial' descriptions but brotherly love transcends race and ethnicity - Black, White, Arab, Latino, Jew... It's about what's in the heart and mind and what flows out in actions.

And by the way, the words Arab and Islam are not some dirty little words.

I hope you will join Liberated Sisters this Saturday, November 24 from 1-2 PM PST / 3-4 Central Time / 4-5 EST when Nation of Islam Student Minister and attorney Dr. Ava Muhammad, also a National Spokesperson for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, will discuss What the Muslims Want and What the Muslims Believe.  What is Islam and how does it benefit Black people and indeed, the world?

Dr. Ava Muhammad
also host of
"Elevated Places with Dr. Ava Muhammad"

Let's bring our questions in a respectful, civilized tone to the deliberative dialogue.  Call 818-985-5735 and weigh in.  We will be taking your calls for Dr. Muhammad.  It is my desire that we can leave the show with more understanding, whether there is agreement or not.

Let's close the gap on religion and culture.  

And remember, if it's impacting your community or can uplift us as a people, let's talk about it!

Peace, Sis. Charlene Muhammad

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