Thursday, May 8, 2014


So the trend of inserting the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's good, divine and yes! Holy name into the mad actions of White racists is increasing.  But thank Allah, just as with the carnival game that has about six-seven holes from which warped, colorful beasts or characters spring out, only to be bopped back down with the game players cottony sledgehammer, the Nation of Islam's Historical Research Department, comprised of Minister Farrakhan's student ministers, attorneys, editors, writers, believers, and also the Farrakhan Twitter Army - the Defenders of Farrakhan, are there, ready at a moment's notice to bop the madness back down into the dark, lifeless hole from which they sprang.

In this week's issue of The Final Call Newspaper, Abdul Arif Muhammad, Esq., General Counsel for the Nation of Islam and Minister Farrakhan had to drop the sledgehammer yet again, this time on Bill O'Reilly who tried to be slick, but was checked - during his show's man on the street interview segment, and that was important, very, very important and we thank Allah for those like the gentleman who spoke his mind, which just happened to be the TRUTH about Minister Farrakhan.  We also thank Allah for those like Atty. Arif, who very pointedly and emphatic confronted Mr. O'Reilly's weak, wicked charge.  I refuse to post that garbage here, but in the response below each point is mentioned and then shattered.

A Response To Mr. Bill O’Reilly: Another Racial Controversy in the USA